The Champions are the great ancestors of the Orcs, who are much revered by Orc society. Most Orcs will chose one of these Champions and follow their ideals. This is usually decided by blood lines, which may be traced back for many generations, however the individual gets the final say.

Orruk, the First Chief
The first great chief of the Orcs, Orruk is known for driving the Hobgoblins out of the Orcish homelands (the Tuukhaar Plains), a great victory. The most revered of all Orcs, Orruk is the default Champion of most bloodlines that can’t trace their lineage to another.

Grall, the Bloodthirsty
The most vicious and brutal Orc ever known, Grall is most famous for is insatiable taste for blood on the battlefield, and was personally responsible for the deaths of over 100 Hobgoblins. Followers of this Champion thrill in battle and are almost single minded in their drive for the destruction of the Hobgoblins.

Burrak, the Crafty
Incredibly intelligent by Orc standards, Burrak used superior strategy and cunning tricks to lead the to many victories in battle. Sometimes seen as dishonorable by other Orcs, Followers of Burrak defend his honor and stress that combat is an exercise of the mind as much as the body.

Dahku, the Wise
The first chief to steer the Orcs away from battle, Dahku would try to avoid conflicts when possible, and taught his brethren to accept other races. Followers of Dahku are often the advisers and healers of the tribe.


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