The Patron Dragons are 3 dragon siblings from which the Kobold clans believe they are descended. They worship these dragons and offer great jewels, in the hope that the dragons will bestow them with great power, and take them back as brethren.

The red dragon who’s home is the mountain of Rhec. His flame burns hottest, he is the biggest and he is strongest. This is the view that the Charir Vraki hold and it is the virtues of strength and ferocity that are held by this clan.

The white dragon who’s home is the smaller mountain of Rhecshech. Intelligent, cunning and ruthless. These are the qualities the Aussir Vraki aspire to and the qualities they believe are prized by Aussir himself.

The green dragon who’s home is the mountain of Kekhaan. Wild yet nurturing, Achuak seems to fit in well in the forest mountain in which she resides. The Achuak Vraki spend almost as much time outside their mines as they do inside.


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